Yulia Tylyk
2017 - 2020

About Me

Welcome to my website.
You can get acquainted with my portfolio here!

My name is Yulia Tylyk, and I am a twenty-one year old graphic designer.

In the years 2016-2019 I received a formal education in the field of graphics, as an ITStep student. In addition to theoretical knowledge, at the same time I acquired practical experience in the profession working in the polygraphy, where I had the opportunity to develop business card designs, banners, brochures and online posters.
The next step in my career was to change direction to WEB design, and later to UI / UX specialist (2018 - now). I am currently working on web design projects, prototype design and views. In addition, I deal with the design of websites and branding materials.

The combination of study and work taught me responsibility, and built in me an ability to fulfill my goals. These three years are also a source of my passion for graphics - learning on my successes and mistakes, I am still open to learning new techniques for creating quality products.

Constant contact with design made me up to date with current trends in this field of graphics, which combined with my skills (and experience) in many Adobe programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and XD, Premiere Pro, and After Effects CC which definitely enables me to be a valuable employee who can support the team in many ways.
Adobe programs are not the only ones I know - apart from them I can also offer my experience in Axure, 3D Max and Maya.

My skills